Access the first 7 of our 22 days to healthy program!

For 7 days you will receive in your in-box a link to DAILY introductory Yoga, Recipes, Health Hacks and Supporting TED Talks.

This kickstart is to introduce you to the movement of yoga, easy healing recipes, help you make simple changes to improve energy, immunity, illness recovery and take the first steps towards a dis-ease free life.

Daily Progressive Yoga

Daily yoga for both beginners and practiced yogis to support you through the mental and physical changes.

Daily Recipes and Shopping Lists

Daily immune boosting, gut healing and energy boosting recipes for main meals and snacks.

Daily Health Hacks

Daily Health Hacks to enable a smooth transition into a healthier existence.

Daily Supporting TED Talks
Daily Supporting TED Talks

Dr Mark Hyman - What you do with your fork impacts everything. Just one of the 22 incredible speakers chosen to help support you in the changes you are making.

Daily Spotify Yoga Tunes

Daily Tunes to help you lose yourself in your practice.

Sirvasana, Sound Healing and PTSD support

Each week you have the option to add in a guided relaxation, sound healing to aid in deeper sleep, or a PTSD sound healing.

To learn more about

Sian has created a program to help you improve energy, enhance immunity, and create great health. She has a Degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Holistic Health and Nutrition. She is a Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor, with an additional 100 hours specialising in the Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience behind Yin Yoga. She has worked on-one-one with clients for 5 years as a holistic health and nutrition consultant, helping them heal from such chronic issues as eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, diverticulitis, IBS, anxiety, depression, insomnia, post concussion issues, and much much more. She also created the series 'Yoga for Snowlegs' with Whitelines, and works with past and future Olympians to help them use their mind body connection to their advantage both on and off the slopes.

She is passionate about health and especially maximising our bodies ability to fight whatever may be lurking around the corner.

To learn more about Sians story click here

Pescatarian Course Curriculum

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7 Day Kickstart - Pescatarian

Kickstart your immune system through yoga, health hacks and dietary changes

For just $49 you have UNLIMITED access to the first 7 days of Siâns infamous program -

In the first 7 days you will receive

-a weekly meal planner with recipes and a shopping list

-an introduction to yoga with daily yoga videos

-a daily health hack

-accompanying TED talks

-a link to sound healing

Working with all of these together within the week you will notice an improvement in your mind body connection, energy, flexibility, and all round wellbeing.

This program looks to support your physical and mental changes needed for better energy and boosted immunity.

At the end of this program you can upgrade for just $99 to get access to the remaining 14 days.